Noose reimagined

In 2007 I made a comic called Noose. It’s 24 pages were made up of 4 small variations on a theme: a noose hangs from the sky in an open field. Each story showed different characters happening upon it and reacting to the bizarre situation. Penn State University students took a stab at recreating the book. 

Jarod Roselló bought a copy from me at a comic show (either SPX or MoCCA). Jarod teaches a Language and Literacy Education class at Penn State University, in the College of Education. He gave his college sophomores and juniors each a page from Noose to reimagine. He asked them to redraw the page with their own characters and their own context. The only rule was that they had to keep the narrative the same (same action, same plot points, etc.).

Jarod’s students are all working toward high school teaching certifications so I thought this was a clever way to introduce the comics language to teachers who could use comics in their classrooms.

Below are the original pages with their reimagined page.


“Birds” page 2



“Tag” page 4


“The Break Up” page 4




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