Recap: Shirt Release and Art Show at Pitcrew

The Trasher Magazine x Pitcrew “Prevent This Tragedy” shirt is now available. The shirt design is an homage to this classic design from the 80’s.

Prevent This Tragedy
Left: The original. Artist unknown. Right: Art by Mark Burrier

The design came about through conversations with Pitcrew and Thrasher about the encroachment of skate shops in shopping malls (like Zumiez) that are hurting small, skater-owned businesses. Tim and Malcom, owners of Pitcrew in Frederick, MD, asked me to illustrate the shirt. I tried to be as true as possible to the original art. The lettering and background graphic shapes are as close to identical as I could make. They are available on Pitcrew’s website.

As I was hanging my pieces, I looked up and realized my work was hanging beneath a dozen classic boards from the 80’s. Some of them were the very graphics that inspired me to start drawing in the first place. It was humbling and reminded me how artwork can leave a lasting impression.


Big thanks to the Pitcrew family for letting me be a part of something special.



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