Rare Words

Rare Words is a collaborative drawing blog that began as a project to inspire collaboration with between the artist and the viewer. Readers are an integral part of the creative process by providing the spark for each work. They initiate the collaboration by submitting words that becomes the creative starting point for drawings. Each illustration is an interpretation of the words and are posted with the submitter’s name. The submissions keep pouring in and the blog has reached 250 illustrations and counting. Visit the blog and submit a word.

Volume 1

In the summer of 2010, through the forum of Kickstarter.com, fundraising began for a book collection of 100 illustrations that appeared on the blog. Response was overwhelming making the fundraising a success. In September of 2010, Rare Words Volume 1 was published as a full color, hardcover book collection.

In April of 2012, Mark Burrier and Flying Dog Brewery sent out a call for submissions for Rare Words. Two months later, Flying Dog hosted an exhibition of watercolor illustrations inspired by those words. Flying Dog produced this video to promote the exhibit.


Directed by Tim Martin, Music by Ben Hirsch

Volume 2

In September of 2012, Burrier published Rare Words Volume 2. This collection contains 20 full color illustrations from that exhibition as individual, frameable prints.

Rare Words Volume 2

Rare Words has grown to become a public art project and has spawned elementary- to college-level creativity in drawing workshops and participatory art exhibitions. Visit rarewords.org